Friday, March 18, 2005

Terri Schiavo - Execution Stayed (UPDATED)

Thanks to Ed at Captain's Quarters for yet again providing some quick one-stop reading where people who only have a few free moments can reliably find breaking information on the important conservative stories of the day. He has two important posts on the Terri Schiavo case this morning:

Powerful Thing, A Subpoena (Updated!)

The salient point from this post is that members of Congress have issued a subpoena to both Terri and Michael Schiavo. He cites an AP story which states:

The Senate Health Committee has requested that Terri Schiavo and her husband, Michael, appear at an official committee hearing on March 28. Earlier Friday, a House committee was issuing congressional subpoenas to stop doctors from disconnecting the tube.
This is tremendously positive news for two reasons. The first is that it rewards those of us who have reliably been voting Republican for years in the hopes that the party's pro-life stance would produce some tangible benefit. This has been a long and often frustrating process. But today is definitely a tangible reward.

The second is that finally this woman in a "persistent vegetative state" according to her husband's hand picked experts can now appear in public, so people can see just how alive she is. Uncomfortable questions can be asked in a forum with national exposure which help bring some of the issues raised by Rev. Johansen's recent article into proper focus. As the public begins to see the monstrosity of this "legal" yet entirely immoral case, it will bring tremendous pressure on all the advocates of killing Terri to justify their actions. That is long overdue.

The second post is a bit less dramatic, but no less important:

Florida Judge Issues Stay

This one just happened within the past hour. Ed notes:

This sounds pretty temporary; the legal issues, though, certainly involve the federal subpoena, which Greer cannot overrule. It should keep Terri alive until at least the 28th. More as it comes through.
Still, the more lifelines the better. I'm encouraged to see legislators, judges, and executives like Governor Jeb Bush all bringing their efforts to bear. Even if not convinced one way or the other about the proper outcome, killing an innocent person by court-ordered starvation deserves every possible scrutiny.

UPDATE: The feeding tube was removed anyway by order of Judge Greer. Captain Ed has the most positive spin on this I've seen:

This may create a jurisdictional issue that will allow the case to be heard in federal court, as a Congressional subpoena should, in theory, overrule a state court's order when that order will make a federal witness unavailable to Congress.
I wish I could be that optimistic.

In my opinion the Constitutional responsibilities are pretty clear here. If (and I'll leave the veracity of that "if" to those who are experts) a Congressional subpeona carries legitimate force of law, and if (ditto from last "if) state officials willingly defied this, then the responsibility of the executive branch of the federal government is to step in and enforce federal law - meaning replacing the feeding tube and possibly prosecuting the state officials involved.

But I really seriously doubt either the Congress or the president has the stomach for that kind of thing. Not with so many of the public so ill-informed about the facts of this case by the vast amount of lazy/sloppy/biased MSM reporting on this case.

Additionally the blog Ed recommends, Blogs for Terri, has some truly disturbing information posted this afternoon. I won't cite it here, because it strikes me as unsupported at the moment. But we'll put a lot of this into the "outrageous if true" category.


Blogger Muzzy said...

I am pleased to see that so many fine bloggers (you, Captain Ed, Hugh, and so many others) have taken up Terri's plight. It's to the point where the major media has gotten to paying close attention to the story, although still not getting it right: I read just this AM in a major that Terri is in a persistant vegitative state. (Sigh.)

Anyway, I am hearted to see that some in Congress have decided to try to act to thwart Michael Shciavo and his Powers of Darkness, but it is discouraging that we might have to keep playing this game of Whack-An-Evil-Mole, against this Coalition Of The Wicked. Migawd! They are like a Seven-Headed Hydra of Degeneracy, coming back from each defeat like some kind of undead, like Freddy Kruger, to kill and kill again.

May God have mercy on their souls.

2:54 PM  
Blogger drjonz said...

They pulled it. Shooting her in the head would be more humane.

3:17 PM  
Blogger Flash said...

Hey Doug:

I just wanted to share my short version of this issue. If Terri's parents are willing to take over the responsibilities, they should be allowed. Unless there is a living will in place, it is simply appalling that Michael should be allowed to 'guess' what Terri would want.

I thought vegatative state was more of an unresponsive comatose environment. Terri smiles, blinks, and it appears even responds to the actions around her. She deserves a shot, regardless of how small it may be, to recover.


5:42 PM  

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