Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sunday Schiavo Roundup

I've been away doing non-bloggy things on what I had assumed would be a fairly slow news weekend (save for those March Maniacs). Instead it has turned out to be a rather remarkable weekend in terms of the Terri Schiavo case. And bloggers are all over it. Here are a few interesting posts I found.

Muzzy at Blogizdat explained to his readers his passion for this case, before launching whole-heartedly into devoting his blog to this story for the next few days. He has a particularly interesting post regarding his inquiry into how different religious denominations are responding to this story via their websites.

The Anchoress reliably has several insightful posts on this topic. I particularly found this one poigniant: Blocking Terri's life: The role-reversals are complete In it she notes:

The Republicans, who normally don't like government intervening into private matters, feel compelled to do so, because there is every indication that this woman has not been given a fair shake, diagnostically, therapuetically or otherwise.

The Democrats, concerned about saving caribou in Alaska, have no concerns about saving a human being in Florida. Concerned about starving people all over the world, they contend that Terri's starvation will be peaceful and easy.

The world is upside down.
Taking that point further is Rick from Stones Cry Out, who posts Why I Am Not a Democrat:

Congressional Democrats gave me more justification for my choice of party affiliation today. Democrats blocked a voice vote on the bi-partisan Schiavo legislation, a tactic that will only delay the President's signing of the bill. Once the Republicans get a quorum, which may occur as early as 8 hours from now, the bill will be passed overwhelmingly by the House. The Dems know that the legislation will pass, but instead take this opportunity to placate their base and demonstrate to America that they are the party of obstructionism and not on the side of life. Despite my socio-economic liberal leanings, this is a clear example of why I am not a Democrat.
Coming from a family largely composed of pro-life Democrats, I have to wonder how many like myself came to find that party intolerable first and foremost over the issue of life. Also how many of their remaining pro-life faction they're losing over this case.

At Fraters Libertas, Atomizer posts some short but vivid comments regarding death by hydration, quoting a Neurologist and a former "vegetative" patient who had to endure the pain of dehydratiuon for days.

At Our House, David asks a question I wish I heard from more people. Noting that every "bio-ethicist" speaking on the Schiavo case supports snuffing Terri, David asks, "Are there pro-life bioethicists out there, and if not, why not?"

Good question. I have personal experience with some very articulate pro-life atheists. Not sure why such folks never seem to get represented in "bio-ethics" matters.

At Residual Forces, Andy has been posting on the Schiavo case quite a bit today. His initial post on the matter - Mixed Feelings on Terri - likely speaks for a lot of people.

On a similar theme many have noted, Jay Reding comments on the cruel absurdity of Terri Schiavo's method of execution:

If Schiavo must die, the way in which she’s being offed is absolutely disgusting. If Michael Schaivo wants his wife dead, let him put a bullet in her skull and end this pointless suffering. Let the judges who issued this order give her a lethal injection. ...

The state is torturing Terri Schiavo to death. This sort of thing is worse than what al-Qaeda would do — at least a beheading would be quicker.
And of course, biggies like Captain's Quarters and Michelle Malkin are well-worth keeping an eye on, as they're both offering extensive covererage to this issue.


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