Sunday, March 13, 2005

Oh Yeah, I'm Supposed to Post at Two Blogs

You know, one of these days I need to actually get back to posting at that other site I joined a short while ago. I really do intend to. It's just that... well... a Senate race isn't all that darn interesting two years out once you get past the speculation and hot rumors. And we've passed the latest batch of all of that.

Then factor in that Gary and First Ringer do a bang-up job on a regular basis. And regularly beat me to the punch on things I intended to post about. I'm about to the point that...

Well there was a Bloom County strip way back in the old days (it's not the one at that link - I can't find it via Google). Milo Bloom, reporting for the Bloom County Picayune, called up their local Congressman and asked awkward questions just so he could get a newsworthy response he could spin as a scandal. I've resisted the temptation so far. But just in case the Amy Klobuchar campaign should screen their calls until the news picks up.


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