Friday, March 04, 2005

Nick Coleman's Dilemma

Nick Coleman, the local moonbat columnist who has clearly become obsessed with the Minnesota Organization of Blogs recently, finds himself confronting an uncomfortable dilemma.

Earlier in the week Learned Foot from The Kool-Aid Report posted a poll asking readers to choose:
Who / what will Nick Coleman shamelessly exploit in his newspaper "column" for his own ideological ends this week?
The choices were the following:

  1. The three Minnesota soldiers killed in Iraq last week (look for him to attend one of the funerals)
  2. The children of public school teachers and administrators that were coerced into "rallying" at the State Capitol this week
  3. All of the above.
The poll responses were nearly 75% for "All of the above." And the result?

An exerpt from Coleman's Wednesday column (as noted on KAR):

Several thousand voters converged on the Capitol on Monday to demand that the governor and Legislature return to basics and provide adequate funding for education. It even seemed that the governor might be starting to grasp that Minnesota has been hurt by repeated political slams against the schools, and that he will never get the big chair on Air Force One at this rate.
And from Friday's column:

David Day was given his hero's farewell Thursday, the last of three Minnesota soldiers who died in Iraq to be remembered in small-town rituals that included prayers, tears, rifle volleys, helicopter flyovers and unanswered questions about a faraway war that brought three promising young men home for good.

This leaves Nick with two plausible explanations for the accuracy of the predictions:

  1. He has become a formulaic and predictable hack columnist suitable for replacement by a software program.
  2. The Minnesota Organization of Blogs is two steps ahead of him and/or can see the future.
There is of course the alternative moonbat explanation:

The Right-wing Noise Machine, who have spies everywhere, clearly got worried when they discovered this hard-headed Speaking Truth to Power columnist was onto their child-hating, war-mongering scams, and sent out their disinformation bah-log-gers in an attempt to discredit him.
No need to set up a new poll on this one Learned Foot. The one Nick would go with is a bit too easy to figure out in this case.


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