Saturday, March 12, 2005

NARN Anniversary

Apparently it was the Northern Alliance Radio Network's first anniversary show today. Now that I've read that a couple places, it occurs to me that I knew that. Didn't recall it in time to actually listen to the show though. But they do replay it several times during the week, so I'll catch it eventually.

Pinkmonkeybird, a NARN groupie / stalker, live-blogged the show (but it's in a couple dozen posts, so hit the main page and keep scrolling).

Ohligarchy, the most MOB-like blogger not actually in or near the state of Minnesota, also listened and wrote some nice words about it.

A whole bunch of people from my blogroll were apparently also on, either as guests or callers. Jo (a.k.a. Token Female Blogger) from the Attic, Douglas from Belief Seeking Understanding, Swiftee from Pair O' Dice, The Dark Lord Strom, Radio Blogger (a.k.a. Hugh Hewitt's producer Duane), and possibly Nihilist in Golf Pants.

And while we're rattling off names, we might as well list who exactly among the Northern Alliance of Blogs does the radio show, because not everyone seems to know (or be able to distinguish between their voices):

Mitch Berg of Shot in the Dark, Chad the Elder and Brian "Saint Paul" Ward from Fraters Libertas, King Banaian of SCSU Scholars, Captain Ed from Captain's Quarters, Scott "The Big Trunk" Johnson and John "Hindrocket"Hinderaker of Powerline all have regular on-air roles. James Lileks has some kind of unofficial role as semi-regular guest and occasional participant, a la Steve Martin in the first season of Saturday Night Live. Atomizer from the Fraters has a more official role as remote broadcast post-production bartender. And I think Eloise from Spitbull occasionally wishes them well. So you can see the show truly spans the entire Northern Alliance of Blogs.

Congrats to all of them. Here's hoping your next year goes as well as the first. No pressure, but I wouldn't want to have to put you on the list.

Anyway, any NARNiac who hasn't already read these, might want to check out my interviews with Mitch Berg, and King Banaian. Both of them said quite a bit about their experience with, and the history of, the radio show.


Blogger Al said...

You should describe their voices.

[I had to go read the "Who Sucks" list before I posted this comment, in case you meant me. You don't have any nukes, do you?]

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