Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Multi-Media Inquiry into "Funny"

I was surfing through my blogroll yesterday, when I came across this post by Ryan "Rambling" Rhodes: Most. Unfortunate. Logo. Ever.

I thought it was so funny, I called a certain woman I'm married to over to look at it. She didn't get it. For a really long time. Until I had practically explained it in detail.

Her attention was caught, however, by a bizarre picture on the other side of Ryan's page:

Afficianados of fine Internet cartoonery will immediately recognize this as the character Strong Bad. Wanting to share this hillarious fellow with said wife, I clicked over and played a Strong Bad cartoon for her. She didn't find it funny. In fact she walked away shortly after it began (I watched the whole thing of course).

This has me thinking. Might the fact that she didn't find Strong Bad funny be related to the fact that she didn't see the joke in the unfortunate logo?

So I invite anyone else to try. Take a look at the logo. See anything amiss? Then check out Strong Bad. Funny to you? Yes? No?

Report back on your findings. Remember, this is in the noble pursuit of scientific discovery. We might be on the verge of cracking the funny code!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Logo = unfortunate--someone should fire the ad agency...or hire one.
Strongbad = always funny

2:04 PM  

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