Monday, March 21, 2005

Moving Rumors

As I struggle with Blogger yet again this evening, it is probably an appropriate time to mention that there has been an executive decision here at Bogus Gold to finally leave the confines of Blogger. At least leave it shortly.

I purchased a domain tonight and am in negotiations with a particular service. Okay, it's Powerblogs.

I'm not sure how long this stuff takes, but very soon the address to get to this blog will be: The "blogspot" part will be gone with thanks for the good times, but no regrets for moving on.

I'll keep you updated. No need to do anything crazy with your bookmarks at this point.


Anonymous John S. said...

Doug, welcome to the family! I knew next to nothing about the technical side of blogging when I started, but after reading about some of the struggles others had had with Blogger and Moveable Type I decided to give Powerblogs a try when I launched because it was very affordable and I liked the built-in templates. As a techno-illiterate I had a lot of questions at the beginning and even had some "why can't I do this?" issues.

Chris at Powerblogs has been A-1 when it comes to technical support, responding quickly, thoroughly and with good humor as I've stumbled along. He even installed a color-picker to the "customized template" tool overnight after I whined about it. My blog isn't particularly glamorous looking right now, but it's clean and easy to read. I've been playing with some new designs off-line and hope to unveil a new look soon. I look forward to your seeing your new site and hope it will do justice to your writing.

10:17 AM  
Blogger Muzzy said...

Blogger supposed uppded its capacity by 20% this past week, but the system has way too many problems to continue to be a viable option for the millions to those who've come to rely on it.

I suspect that the problem is in the design of the system, that it's not really scalable to its current size, and that no amount of tinkering will ulitimately solve the problem. Unless they figure out a better way to distrute the load on their servers, there will continue to be huge bottlenecks at certain times of the day.

To be fair, there's no cash flow whatsoever from a system that supports several millions of users. Without a 'for-pay' higher-service level, I'm uncertain how Google thinks it can maintain the service at no charge.

(Livejournal has a higher service level than brings in several million dollasr a month to the company. The basic service is free but to use the add-ons, you have to pay. It seems fair to me.)

I wish you well. And I may be following you, soon.

10:55 AM  
Blogger PolicyGuy said...

You know this, but FWIW you can send have your hosted somewhere other than blogspot, but still use blogger to manage the blog.

It has worked well for me; my biggest problem with Google/blogger was not the software but the hosting side of things.

4:22 PM  

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