Friday, March 25, 2005

More Trouble for Kooltopia

Yesterday, I offered some helpful advice to the people of Kooltopia to assist their emerging democratic revolution.

Unfortunately, their problems seem deeper than I realized. Today, Instapundit pointed out some photos of the newly dubbed "Tulip revolution" (which I was surprised to discover has very little to do with either the Dutch or Calvinists).

Here's a sampling:


Let me try to explain this as delicately as I can, with a few examples of the marketing job being performed by the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon:

Anything coming through here? Steve? Mark? Bob? Lola? Are you getting this?

Please don't make me spell it out here. I wouldn't want to put a damper on your enthusiasm for democracy. But get your marketing people on this ASAP.

That's two you owe me.


Blogger Muzzy said...

It's just as well that you gave them a new name, cause you were going to have to buy a couple of vowels to try to tackle stories about 'Kyrgyzstan.' As for the Lebanese rallies, I think the two flag-waving ladies in the top photo just inked a contract with Guess to do their next campaign. Or something. Viva la revolucion!

10:05 PM  
Blogger Nicko McDave said...

Are you making fun of the wonder people of Mxyzptlkistan, just because they look like Vulcan extras from a Star Trek Movie? For shame!

12:44 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

Making fun? Heaven forfend. I'm trying to help them close the "hot" gap.

1:43 PM  

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