Tuesday, March 08, 2005

MN GOP Blogroll - Some Advice

Might as well go three for three and make all my posts today about blogs. Navel-gazing Tuesday - a new tradition. Or not.

Anyway, this one goes out to the Minnesota GOP. Particularly whoever runs the Minnesota GOP website.

Now overall, I think they do a decent job. It's a well designed website. Lots of good content. Useful links. Updated regularly.

But they have this little blogroll, appropriately titled "blogs,"and um... well...

There's not a bad one in the bunch I'll admit. But what exactly is the purpose of this blogroll? One would hope it's to direct visitors to the site to Minnesota GOPish kind of blogs. Or at least GOPish type blogs in general that might interest Minnesotans. And by that criteria, lets critique their list.

Lileks' "The Bleat" is a local hero and one of my favorite writers. So despite the fact that he's likely to write about politics less often than he writes about Jasper the dog, he's quite eloquent when he does so. No argument.

Free Republic. Hey, I've been a Freeper since 1999. Great site. It's not a blog. If you want a local blog with lots of contributors, how about our new local all-chick blog the M.A.W.B. Squad?

A Small Victory. Granted, she voted for Bush. But she lives in Long Island and rarely writes about politics at all, let alone Minnesota politics. I vote for The Kool-Aid Report to replace this one. They can write screeds as well as Michele, plus they're a Minnesota blog and unlike Michele they regularly write about politics.

Captain's Quarters. One of the best blogs in the country. And it's local and political. No argument.

Fraters Libertas. Obviously. Who else is going to give extensive coverage to Minnesota Soil and Water Conservation races?

Hugh Hewitt. Though national, the dude has not only taken an active interest in Minnesota politics, he's taken an active interest in promoting the local blogosphere. No argument.

Instapundit. The blogfather. I suppose one can't argue with this. Yet I will. Why a big national blog instead of something with more local focus people might not already know about. Everyone knows Instapundit. Why not give that space to Freedom Dogs?

Little Green Footballs. Similar to the above. It's big. It's good. But it's not local, and everyone already knows about it. Zap it. Put Craig Westover in its place.

Power Line. Duh.

Shot In The Dark. Another no-brainer, though it's nice to see Mitch didn't get snubbed because there is a gaping Northern Alliance hole about to follow....

I'm thinking about some kind of scholar-type guy in a Saint Cloudy kind of place. And I'm thinking about some sort of salivating bovine. Just freaking add them. Instead we get...

Tim Blair. On the basis of what? He had drinks with Lileks the one time? He's in freaking Australia. How about us fine folks over at the (shortly to be renamed)
TBFKADVK as a replacement? It's a blog devoted exclusively to Minnesota politics, and we occasionally offer original coverage of GOP candidates not covered in local mainstream media. On the other hand, we do offer piss-poor coverage of the electoral prospects for Tasmanian MP's.

MN Democrats Exposed. That one ought to be a model for other blogs selected. Local. Minnesota politics. Good quality. Not well known (yet).

And there are plenty of other great quality local GOP oriented blogs getting the snub here...

Nihilist In Golf Pants
Pair 'o Dice
People's Republic of Minnesota
Belief Seeking Understanding
Our House
The Attic
Flown to the Roll
Plastic Hallway
Rambling Rhodes
Speed Gibson
The First Ring
The Whippersnapper

And that's just to name a few. With the Minnesota Organization of Blogs going full-steam, there are many more as well.

Minnesota GOP... either do the blogroll thing for real or don't do it at all. Going half-*ssed about it just makes you look out-of touch to the community you seem to be trying to engage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great, long overdue post.I have never been to their site. I start at KAR and go from there. Great post Doug.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Muzzy said...

Thanks for the plug, sir. Of course, I'm a snarky light-weight compared to the likes of the Captain - and yourself. But I have fun. Thanks again.

5:30 PM  
Blogger pinkmonkeybird said...

I often felt my underpants get bunched up when I noticed their blogroll, too. I think your observations and suggestions are spot on. Agree with you also that the site is very good. I think the blogroll has either simply been neglected as a low priority in their task management, or they just don't quite understand the blogosphere.
One last note; In all honesty, I don't think the GOP should align itself so directly as to link to a David Bowie fan blog. I'm between the cracks on that one, my friend. But thanks just the same.

10:08 PM  

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