Sunday, March 13, 2005

Meanwhile at the Fortress of Solitude...

A while back I wrote up some glowing words about my discovery that the Old Chicago restaurant chain had wi-fi (and beer! And wings!). Since then, I have made the place into my occasional sanity break -my Fortress of Solitude. I'm there now, in fact. A frosty pint of dark beer, a full plate of "firehouse jalapeno" wings, an attentive waitress, and no distractions.

This is huge to me, since my kids are now at the age that they occasionally all demand attention simultaneously. Sure, some day I'll look back on these days with fond memories of the days when my kids actually wanted me around. But in the mean time I need some way to deal with the fact that they can drive me positively batty at times. So the Mama and I made a trade off. I let her get out kid-free for a couple of hours, and she returned the favor.

Anyone else have a similar fortress of (sort of) solitude? Blogger-friendly or otherwise?


Blogger Muzzy said...

My FOS? I try to spend time each week at my local house of worship, I mean, Dunn Brothers, where the Iced Tea is expensive, but WI-FI is free. And if I'm not feeling like paying for caffeinated dispensation for my venial sins, I've discovered a couple of spots around town where I can park the car, tune it to the Mighty Patriot on the rahdioh, and still manage to connect to their powerful WI-FI signal. All hail to the Brothers for getting it Dunn!

(Forget Starbucks; they charge for the beverage AND they charge for WI-FI. Survey said: nope. But I'll have to try Old Chicago; there's one near my house.)

My other FOS: I just hide in plain sight. I put my kids in front of their favorite Garfield video and jack in to the Matrix from the dining-room table. It's all good.

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