Thursday, March 03, 2005

McCain-Feingold Power Grab

John McCain and Russ Feingold. Two rumored presidential hopefuls who ought not earn a dime of revenue, or a word of support from any blogger, from now until forever.

Not only was their "campaign finance reform bill," which was lauded for taking the money out of politics, proved laughably ineffective by the last election. Now they are pushing the FEC via a lawsuit to stifle political speech on the Internet. It seems as long as they call it a "contribution" instead of "speech," they see no First Amendment violation.

Obvious to anyone but a modern judge, this violates the letter and the spirit of the First Amendment. Heck, it might as well spit on the Constitution altogether. It's simply a power grab by a bi-partisan elite who fear the power of democracy the Internet is enabling. They want something easier to control. Well tough.

Let's not hold back assigning blame here. I'm a Republican. And my party gets no free ride on this. George W. Bush signed this bill into law. It passed a Republican controlled House and Senate. John McCain himself is at the very top of the front-runner list for the Republican nomination in 2008. Every one of them should be eating crow until they burst until this is resolved.

Time to rattle their cages and let them know this stops now. There can be no attempt by the government - regardless of party - to stifle poltical speech on the Internet without shattering the comfy partisan lines in unpredictable ways. I'll join the Koslings before I support another Republican who would back this travesty.

Captain Ed from Captain's Quarters is encouraging everyone to write their Senators. He has composed a letter himself, and encourages others to read it, and send it in an e-mail to both of your state's senators with your own words at the top speaking your endorsement of it.

That's a starting point. We'll see how things begin to shake out from there. Justice will be done.

It has been a remarkable year. We've watched the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, Purple Revolution in Iraq, are seeing the unfolding of the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon. Democracy is on the march. And the self-styled potentates at the heart of American government are not beyond its reach.


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This may not be a problem. See this, and if that does not solve it, then this might.

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