Monday, March 07, 2005

John McCain - Get the Money Out of Other People's Politics

I have already contended that on the basis of his attack on freedom of speech on the Internet John McCain has set himself outside of supportability for any within the blogosphere. Tonight Captain Ed goes further, citing evidence of potential conflict of interest on the part of Senator McCain:

After a non-profit group closely associated with McCain and which pays a six-figure salary to one of his aides received $200,000 in donations from Cablevision, McCain wrote a letter of support to the FCC pushing Cablevision's regulatory positions

Ed cites more:

McCain told the AP that he sees nothing wrong with this arrangement:

"If it was a PAC (political action committee) or if it was somehow connected to any campaign of mine, I would say to you, that's a legitimate appearance of conflict of interest. But it's not," McCain told The Associated Press.

"There's not a conflict of interest when you're involved in an organization that is nonpartisan, nonprofit, nonpolitical."

Lovely. I post a link to a candidate I support and the feds can come and put me away. But people throwing buckets of cash at McCain's lackeys to gain his support is no problem according to Johnny-Boy.

This man is NOT ELECTABLE in 2008. He not only will never be president, he ought never be re-elected Senator. He's an embarrassment. The Republicans' own shameful version of Kleagle Robert Byrd.


Blogger Flash said...

McCain is more your Lierberman. You have a far longer grocery list of potential Byrd's


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