Saturday, March 05, 2005

In a Charitable Mood

I see Blogger is up to it’s blazing speed again. And I have not migrated to a better blog hosting service yet, why? Oh, right. It’s free. Less money spent on blog-hosting, means more to spend on … charitable donations of course. What did you think I was going to say? Booze? Sheesh. (I was only thinking that)

And indeed I am in a charitable mood today. Why? Because Learned Foot at The Kool-Aid Report has pointed out an interesting twist on the FEC / McCain-Feingold dustup.

Thus Speaketh the Foot

Because you know what is coming: if the Feds wish to characterize a hyperlink as an in kind contribution for campaign finance purposes, then it really can't justify disallowing tax deductions for links to charitable organizations (so called "501(c)'s").

Interesting to see where this all shakes out. But I would be interested to see how the government can possibly call a hyperlink a contribution in the one case and not the other.

Not that they won’t try. This is after all a power grab, not a faithful act of responsible government.

But other than the forever after unsupportable Senators McCain and Feingold (incidentally, all you McCain for Pres in ’08 bloggers – time to move on to option B), I can’t imagine a whole lot of politicians wanting to run for re-relection trying to defend that contradiction.


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