Monday, March 14, 2005

How The Heck Are you?

Geeze-Louise!! Not only an insanely busy day, but Blogger decided to keep me locked out after I finally got the chance to post. I really, really need to get a better blog host soon.

Anything happen today? I was kind of occupied with the capitalistic endeavor known as making a living. Not a bad day. Just a busy one. Let's see what happened...

Hmmm.... (surf, surf, surf)

Nope. Apparently you didn't find much either. Slow news day, eh? That's fine. We need 'em now and then.

I watched the Truman Show on TBS yesterday evening. It's a lot better movie than I remembered it to be. Really. That's not a joke. I picked up all sorts of things rewatching I didn't catch the first time. Like Jim Carrey actually posessing acting talent of the non-zany variety for instance. Still... the premise is a bit silly. But if you ignore that, it's really quite enjoyable and even poigniant.

Let's see... other things...

Why even bother? Enjoy the evening. I'll be back tomorrow. And for the record, I like the new M.A.W.B Squad look.


Blogger Sandy said...

For the record, we appreciate your appreciation of the new design. We still have a few kinks to work out, but my nephew does good work.

Also, I've noticed on all the blogger sites that it's taking forever to load a page to comment on. Argh!

9:20 PM  

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