Sunday, March 06, 2005

Gratuitous Disclosure

I've noticed a disturbing trend developing among certain bloggers (disclosure: I myself am a "blogger"). In reaction to challenges that bloggers may have hidden connections, some have decided it is necessary to disclose connections - not matter how tenuous or obvious - to virtually anything they write about. I don't want to name names here (disclosure: I have a few names in mind), but there are times when such "disclosure" gets a bit silly (disclosure: I myself have been known to be "silly" at times).

I understand the desire to not have ones' integrity compromised, or even seemingly compromised (disclosure: umm... i got nothing this time). But I implore bloggers to think more carefully before they "disclose" something in the future (disclosure: I have occasionally watched "Futurama"), lest they descend into parody.


Blogger Kathleen Nelson said...

You're referring to me, aren't you?


9:53 PM  

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