Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ahem. A Gay Marriage Dissenter

Before I go to bed I thought I’d straighten something out. Those of you who support gay-marriage but are otherwise conservative. You’re morons.

Whoops! That was inflammatory. Hate to be inflammatory toward those who go along with the same movement that casts defenders of marriage being a man and woman thing as intolerant hate-mongers. No sir. Such folks are like delicate orchids who must be preserved from harsh rhetorical conditions. Moronic orchids to be specific.

Whoops! Look, let’s get through this together. You come forward and explain why every generation that came before you who agreed gay marriage was an oxymoron were stupid, and I’ll … well I’ll still call you a moron, but it will draw you out in the open as the egotist you are.

Folks, not supporting gay marriage doesn’t mean you have to oppress gays or anyone else. It doesn’t mean you hate anyone. All it means is you recognize that there is a reason that every previous generation rejected it – a reason a better than the narcissistic one that presumes every previous generation consisted of benighted bigots, unlike the “flower of morality” that our generation represents.

But marriage is about luuuuv. And gay people luuuuuuv each other too, right? Please.

When did public morality get reduced to the level of a seventh grade girl? Marriage is a hell of a lot more than teen-style puppy-love. So what is this marital “love” we’re talking about? Why has it become something that has become cross-culturally, and cross-generationally revered? Why is it something even anti-democratic societies have considered crucial to their civilzations’ sustainability back into ancient days?

We live in a generation that has been raised to think of the very pillars of our society in terms no different than our luxuries.

Marriage? That old thing?! I wish it came in blue. And so now it does.

“Conservative” supporters of gay-marriage like to portray themselves as tolerant and principled. I find them anything but. Their tolerance extends exclusively to the current zeitgeist, much like affirmative-action hiring. Their principles are inarticulate and shifty on this matter. They’re simply followers. People who never bothered to learn the importance of this particular pillar of society, but seize an opportunity to mask their ignorance as being “tolerant” and “progressive.”

Sorry. It’s just ignorant. And destructive to boot.

UPDATE: I'm noticing several visitors to this post well after the fact. For the record, while I believe in the point I was making to the extent that I still believe gay-marriage is wrong and certainly not something conservatives should support, I now admit this was a stupid way to make that point. See this post for some followup.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the hell?

Were you drunk when you posted this?

I think Kathy's got your number.

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