Friday, February 18, 2005

When Marketing Departments Attack

Via The Moderate Voice, this morning I discover this:

The old look of the cartoon character Bugs Bunny is saying "That's all folks!" to the generations who grew up with him. Bugs, the Road Runner and other Looney Tunes cartoon characters are getting a new look and even new names.

The "reimagined" Bugs Bunny is going to be renamed "Buzz" and star in a new series called "Loonatics." The series will be set in the future and will feature a tough-talking rabbit with laser eyes and who is a martial arts expert. Even Daffy Duck will get a techno-update with built-in sonar.

Sander Schwartz/President of Warner Brothers Animation: "What we're doing is taking Bugs Bunny, a classic and changing him for the kids - making him fresh, cool and hip."

"Loonatics" starring Buzz Bunny and friends will be set in the year 2772 and, according to Warner Brothers, the characters will display the same wit and humor as the classics. [emphasis - more like wide-eyed frozen-in-horror expression - is mine. - ed.]
And we have pictures:

Old Bugs/New "Buzz"

For all that is good and holy, why do we let people in marketing departments live among us? Now they're going for the children!! It's like a Simpsons episode (from back in the days that show was good) come to life. Literally.


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There's a reason we used to burn heretics

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