Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Trooper Union Chief - Outrage Roundup

(Bumped near the top again. See the breaking news: Bogus Gold: Taxpayer's League Responds to Trooper Union Chief; also posts changed to reverse chronological order, so the most recent are now on top)

(Note: I'll keep bumping this thread to keep it near the top as long as local bloggers keep driving this story.)

Keeping an eye on the blogosphere's reaction to the outrageous missive sent out yesterday by Tim Jensen, president of the Minnesota State Troopers Patrol Association.

Here is my best attempt at a roundup of blogger reaction so far (note: if you write about this on your blog, please e-mail me and I will add your post to the list).

In reverse chronological order (most recent on top):

Smoothing Plane: This is Ridiculous

Old Whig's Brain Dump: Ripping off a post in toto

The Whippersnapper: Tim Jensen: Blackmailed (Full Text) (A MUST READ for anyone who didn't read the PDF - this is what started the whole thing)

Bogus Gold: Taxpayer's League Responds to Trooper Union Chief

Brainstorming: Taxpayer's League Draws Fire

The First Ring: Strom-boned

Blogizdat: My Three Cents

Our House: It's Humbling...

Craig Westover: Trooper Association president shooting from the hip

Mr Cranky: I Guess Calling Them Nazis Wasn't Bad Enough

People's Republic of Minnesota: Contemptible Attack

GigglePundit: Note

SCSU Scholars: Working for the state requires humility

The Whippersnapper: Tim Jensen

Fraters Libertas: Posse Stromitatus?

Shot in the Dark: Beneath Contempt

Flown To The Roll: Vile Utterances

Dayton v. Kennedy: State Trooper Union Chief: Mark Kennedy Blackmailed

Dayton v. Kennedy: MSPTA President: Kennedy Consorts with Terrorists

Bogus Gold: State Trooper Union Chief : Taxpayers League Endangers Democracy

Bogus Gold: Breaking: Minnesota Union Chief Defames Taxpayers League

Plastic Hallway: An angry man

(Continuing to update. Please continue to e-mail if you blog about this.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys, sounds like you are doing a good job if those are the comments by our trooper chief. My opinion is that you are definitely doing good work. Can we also bring up all the people who hare lost their licenses and are not allowed to get a work permit, for a great variety of reasons. How do they keep workint? Are these the reason for all the homeless and divided families? It is a major hardship to not have a license in the rural areas without mass transit. After checking the court scenes in our local papers, driving without a license is the main crime and a huge source of fine money. Could you do a study of this problem?

9:21 PM  

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