Tuesday, February 08, 2005

TMV: CNN and Kurtz becoming Jordan's Own "Collateral Damage"

Joe Gandelman, of The Moderate Voice, has written a very good post on the Eason Jordan Affair:

CNN Executive's Fire Storm Tarnishes CNN And WaPo's Howard Kurtz

Among other things, Joe believes:

  • Kurtz (and others) report that there is a tape of these comments. No matter what the excuse, if the tape is not released Jordon's — and CNN's — credibility will wane. Credibility was at the heart of the Dan Rather Memogate controversy. Jordon's comments are at the heart of this: if it turns out a tape shows he said something from which he is now backtracking CNN will (rightfully) be flooded with demands for his resignation.
  • It's impossible to understand how CNN's top officials can allow this to go on. This will setback any of their attempts to rebuild its audience to offset Fox News' gains among conservative viewers.
  • If you give Jordon the benefit of the doubt because he came back from Iraq you then have to ask: if someone came back from Iraq, wouldn't they be more concerned about the overall deaths, or the U.S. miltitary deaths? Why would being distraight cause someone to come back and suggest or use language clumsy enough to imply that U.S. military officials are intentionally whacking journalists? (If that was true they have missed their biggest target — out there waving his hands, sticking his chin out in defiance: G-e-r-a-l-d-o).
  • Howard Kurtz's writings will now be read more intensely and scrutinized by many, particularly on issues involving CNN. In the views of some, he has crossed the line on this one by seemingly flinching and doing what some already suggest is minimalist damage control.
  • If a tape comes out showing Jordon did say what he is alleged to say, or said it in a way incredibly clumsy with a tone of voice indicating he did have a certain attitude towards U.S. troops, there will be several "collatoral damage" injuries The victims: CNN and Kurtz
Read the whole thing.

Also, at the bottom of that same post, Joe will be posting a roundup of the latest happening on this story around the blogosphere. That's worth checking back with throughout the day.


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