Friday, February 18, 2005


What a day. What a week!

I'm beat. Probably a little relaxed blogging this evening, but nothing too serious. But there are some more serious topics in the work.

Tomorrow I'm planning to head down to the NARN broadcast in White Bear Lake, though I won't be there the whole time. I'm meeting up with King Banian, of SCSU Scholars after the show to conduct the second in my lazily paced series of interviews with the bloggers of the Northern Alliance. (Installment one was with Mitch Berg last September)

Truth be told, this was supposed to be the third in the series. I finally had Captain Ed lined up for an interview, but something more important came along, and thankfully seems to be going very well. It's not yet over, so don't forget to keep Ed and the First Mate in your prayers.

In other serious news, if you've been hearing rumors or getting e-mail indicating that political campaigns are taking blogs seriously, I'm rapidly becoming persuaded it's true. I actually enjoy politics, and I'm already starting to get a little overwhelmed.

I'm currently working with Larry Colson to get an interview with Republican candidate for Attorney General, Jeff Johnson. Both Larry and Jeff are taking the request seriously, and trying to hammer out the scheduling details.

I also received a press-release this week from the Senate Republican Policy Committee regarding the release of a new Policy Paper, "Putting an End to Voter Fraud: the Need for New Federal Reforms." Haven't had a chance to read it yet, let alone blog about it. Check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think.

And just last night at Keegan's, I met John and Barry from a local Minnesota Senate District, who were definitely eager to connect with bloggers. Barry sent me a press release the Minneapolis Republican City Committee sent to the Mayor of Minneapolis. He also sent me a copy of the letter itself. That will be a post in the near future. (note to Barry: weekend blog traffic is slower than a weekday, so I won't do the MSM thing and bury the release on a weekend)

The interesting thing to me is that the common motive, which I was curious about at first, is becoming pretty clear. They're doing an end-run around the mainstream media filter. We'll see how effective it is, but the strategy seems sound.

And with all that on my plate, I'm taking the night off from serious stuff. First Ringer managed to find a couple of things to post about at TBFKADVK today. And you know what? That's plenty for a Friday with no big news to report in that race.


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