Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Swift Correction to the P-Press Article on Blogs

File this under "I did not know that!"

Swiftee from Pair O' Dice wasn't terribly pleased with yesterday's article about blogs in the Pioneer Press: Increasingly popular blogs give voice to 'e' the people

(A quick side-note to the Pioneer Press editorial board. It appears you are in need of a headline writer. Send an e-mail to bogusgold - at - yahoo - dot - com and we can discuss my rates.)

I read the article, but didn't feel the need to comment on it. Contrast it to this recent article about blogs and politics in the American Spectator (hat-tip Muzzy). The Pioneer Press article is the kind I call "Intro to blogs: 101," while the Spectator piece actually has something interesting to say.

But Swiftee noticed something a bit more disturbing than the column being dull:

Then, astonishingly, she cites as "Right leaning" the loony blather that perennial fifth columnist for the lunatic fringe Eva Young spills forth by the bucketful on her "Dump[Sen. Michelle]Bachmann" site.

Coleman's gotta be kidding here.

Young's "ideology" fluctuates depending on what med's she happens to be on at any given time, she's less a Republican than Michael Moore (Moore can be said to have attended a GOP convention). Young's criteria for her public opinion is how much attention it brings to her otherwise empty life, irrespective of party politics.

When she's not "speaking for the right", Young co-moderates a website with (I kid you not) a gay, white supremacist.

Young had to find herself this new partner after the previous one got busted for doing his level best to follow through on threats he'd made publicly to kill Het's (heterosexuals) on their previous site, which the DOJ shut down after his conviction.

Look, I'm happy that the blogoshpere continues to attract the spotlight, but I'm not sure we need this kind of pub.
Gotta say, I found it odd that a website calling for dumping a state senator who is quite popular among conservatives was listed as right wing. But I wasn't exactly drawn in enough to investigate. Thanks to Swiftee for catching this.

(A quick side-note to Pioneer Press editors. It would seem your reporters are a bit less than savy about blogs. Next time you plan a blog story, send an e-mail to bogusgold - at - yahoo - dot - com and we can discuss my rates.)


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