Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sunday Roundup

Here's a hodge-podge of cool stuff I found this morning on my blogroll.

There's reputedly some kind of big game going on today. Something about the NFL, which sounds implausible as we all stop watching that once the Vikings are out of the playoffs. But anyway, Jim at Stones Cry Out notes that Superbowl advertisers are keeping a close eye on blogs this year to see how the most expensive television ad placements of the year are being received. I don't know if that's worth a live-blog, but it's interesting.

Muzzy at Blogizdat spotted a new article at the American Spectator about the current and future importance of blogs to political campaigns, written by Patrick Hynes (of the blog Anklebitingpundits - another media/blog convergence anecdote). Very well written article, with very keen observations. Not just the usual "Intro to blogs:101" stuff.

At Reasonable Prudence, Todd notes a story in the Washington Post: The Greening of Evangelicals. Note this quote from the article:

There is growing evidence -- in polling and in public statements of church leaders -- that evangelicals are beginning to go for the green. Despite wariness toward mainstream environmental groups, a growing number of evangelicals view stewardship of the environment as a responsibility mandated by God in the Bible.
Contrast it to Bill Moyers' Star Tribune article last week, in which he warned that the Christian Right was heading in the exact opposite direction. Told you he was out of touch.

Double hat-tip to Todd, for also digging up yet another reason for Minnesotans to be embarrassed we ever elected Jesse Ventura our governor (don't blame me, I voted for Coleman).

And furthering my Eason Jordan obsession, I would like to note that while the mainstream media largely continue to ignore the story, it is crossing the political divide in the blogosphere. I'm not saying the far-left blogs are leaping at it. But center to center-left bloggers, like Joe Gandelman and Jay Rosen are beginning to pick up on it. (I also got my first link ever from Jay's blog Pressthink due to this story, so that's cool).

And Pinkmonkeybird is launching a personal crusade to persuade "right-wing shock jocks" like Hugh Hewitt and our own NARN to make archives of past shows publicly available. It's actually a cool idea, but I have no idea what the technical, licensing, and advertising ramifications would be. R-Five at Speed Gibson has a few thoughts about that.


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