Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Slip-Sliding Away


Heavy-hearted tip of the hat to the Anchoress for reminding me of this.

I wanted to avoid this topic, because others are far more capable of discussing it eloquently than me. Everytime I think about this I get this mixture of anger and disgust and outrage and have trouble getting far beyond it.

Also I had been holding out the hope that our legal system hadn't possibly deteriorated this far. I could accept some judicial incompetence here and there. But eventually a good ruling must come down, right?

But it never did. It really has deteriorated this far. And a man is going to be allowed to have his wife murdered by-proxy. And all the while a frighteningly large portion of our country will applaud it as mercy. Most others simply won't care.

Thankfully, there are some out there who still haven't lost all hope. Here's a good place to go to find some of them.

Let's clear up a couple of misconceptions about this. She's not a vegetable. Her parents are perfectly willing to accept all responsibility - personal and financial - for her care. All the evidence you need to understand this is here.

It reminds me of this. It's a slippery slope we're on. Human life has been cheapened so much I keep thinking there must be a rebound at some point. But we just keep sliding further.

UPDATE: The decision has been stayed by another judge, at least for another day. Here's an excellent summary of the situation, correcting many of the inaccurate assumptions. (Hat-tip Stones Cry Out)


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