Monday, February 28, 2005

The Pontiff and the Will to Live

The Anchoress offers a very nice refutation to a disturbingly widespread strain of thought about Pope John Paul II, by responding to a Newsweek article on the pontiff by Christopher Dickey:

And Dickey seems just flabbergasted, no, he seems almost downright insulted, that the Pope has not put forth a living will, with instructions on when the plug may be pulled so we can stop this damned impositioning of his will upon the oppressed Catholic people, and maybe finally get a pope in there who will get on board with the times! Let's go, JP, baby, move it on! We want a Pope Jason who is gonna start living the age throughout the faith and come to speed with abortion, divorce, gay marriage and euthanasia! If only the Pope had left some instructions, we maybe wouldn't have bothered with the tracheotomy, the other day!

Shrug. Maybe it's just me, but that's the sense I'm getting from Dickey, here. He thinks the pope has left no instructions.

Dickey doesn't realize - probably does not want to realize - that the pope, by NOT leaving "instructions" is giving us a tremendous instruction. He is saying, "leave what is alive, alive. The living person may not be living the life YOU'D like...but it is the life they HAVE, and it's not your job or anyone else's to get in the way of it, or shorten it, when doing so may very well be interrupting a larger plan that you (because you are not God) simply cannot comprehend."
She also (appropriately I think) ties this to the Terri Schiavo case, and even our current president. Read the whole thing.


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Thanks for the link and the kind words. I have to tell you, I was happy when I saw I "made the cut" on your blogroll! :-)

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