Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Oh My God, I Think I Killed Hindrocket!

Well, no. It turns out I didn't. But it was a close call.

Why is it my fault in the first place? Well, according to expert sources, I recently added quite a bit of additional pressure to what Mr. Hinderaker was surely already feeling from the blog swarm swirling around him.

Messing with the negative vibes surrounding these blog swarms seems to be pretty powerful stuff. As Hugh Hewitt is fond of noting, the power of the blogosphere is awesome. (And it is! Look at the power uber-blogger Michele Catalano wielded at the tender age of 13.)

So I guess it's time to back off. If Hinderaker says it's Powerline Radio, Powerline Radio it must be. I can't have a death on my conscience. Sorry, Mitch, Ed, Chad, Brian, King and everyone else who contributed to the Northern Alliance Radio Network. You had a great run.

I guess they'll make the announcement tonight when they fill in for Hugh Hewitt, from 5pm-8pm Central Time this evening.


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