Friday, February 04, 2005

The New Media, Iran, and Daddy

Here is a weird but cool new media anecdote.

I'm home from work. The wife is totally fried by the kids today, and asks if I mind if she lies down for a bit before dinner. I play the good husband and take charge of the kids.

After a bit of kiddie entertaining and kiddie dinner preparing, I flip on the Hugh Hewitt show. After a short while I hear a caller come on who mentions he runs the site "Regime Change Iran." Hugh recognizes the site, and compliments the caller for it. And after a little back and forth, the caller offers that he understands the strategy Bush is applying toward Iran. And the guy is one of those who comes across as credible and together and knows his stuff, so I'm drawn in. And then...

My phone rings. It's the mother-in-law. That's not one you're allowed to blow off. Blah-blah. wife-is-napping. kids-are-fine. blah-blah. nice-to-speak-with-you. CLICK
And on the Hewitt show the call is over and we're on a commercial.

So, I call up Regimechangeiran on Google, notice an e-mail address, and let the guys know I didn't get to hear their thoughts about Bush's Iran strategy. And shortly after I get a return e-mail directing me to a blog post that lays it out.

And an excellent analysis it proved to be. (If that isn't the Bush administration strategy, it darn well should be.)

Thanks to DoctorZin from Regime Change Iran for the nice and extremely prompt response. You have a site I'll be checking often in the future.


Blogger DoctorZin said...

Thank you for the kind words.

I love folks from the land of lakes....


10:44 PM  

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