Sunday, February 06, 2005

MSM, Eason Jordan, and a Blogger Call to Action

Via Captain Ed this morning, I discovered that...

...the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz will host a live-chat event on Monday, noon ET, in which Kurtz takes questions from Internet readers and answers them on the fly. The questions themselves have to be submitted in advance by readers.

Ed encourages fellow bloggers to take advantage of the opportunity in an attempt to get Kurtz to finally address the Eason Jordan affair.

Ed lists his own question, but notes that people shouldn't cut and paste from him and send it in, because that would be filtered out as spam. Nevertheless, I e-mailed in my own question immediately, asking Kurtz to explain the difference in newsworthiness of the Eason Jordan statements and the recent statement of General Mattis.

I encourage readers to send something in asking for a response regarding the Eason Jordan news.

Ed notes:
Even if they screen the questions out, the Post will understand just how many of their readers have become disgusted by this media blackout. At some point, the silence will become unsustainable, and the last ones to cover the story will lose credibility along with CNN.
Of course, Kurtz is a CNN as well as Washington Post employee, so his resistance to this storymay very well be bolstered by simple self-interest. Let him know that we're not ignoring his silence, and let him ponder how much he values his professional reputation.


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