Saturday, February 05, 2005

Morning Brief

Taking the kids on an outing shortly. Not sure any Lileksian poetic-slice-o-life anecdotes will ensue. But anyway, blogging won't commence until later.

Still, doing my part to keep the "tail" of the blogosphere wagging over L'affair Eason Jordan, please note some cool new developments this morning.

Incidentally, this reminds me to note where I'm personally going first every day for the most comprehensive and up to date coverage of this story. It's not a huge surprise, but lets give these guys their due.

First, I check Captain's Quarters. Then I check Hugh Hewitt. And both of those sites reliably deliver the goods this morning:

A Tale Of Two Tales And Many Questions

MSM Silence On Eason Jordan (Updates!)

Another Crack In The Media Blackout For Eason's Fables

Unfortunately, Hugh has no permalink to the latest stuff. He's got the latest posted at the top of his main page, and it's definitely worth checking out.

After that, all bets are off. Technorati is nice for finding "tail" blog posts on the stuff.


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