Sunday, February 06, 2005

More Powerline Complaints

What the heck. I was writing some commentary on Powerline and over-edited it to impotence. Here's the raw version:

"Powerline Radio"?" What that freakin' hoo-dee-hoo is that?!

I'll tell you something about it. "Powerline Radio" has never been invited to substitute host on a major syndicated radio show. But the Northern Alliance Radio Network has (if you read only Powerline, this is apparently breaking news to you). What's more, this radio show only came about due to the fact that Mitch Berg had a passion for radio, and had nothing to do with Time Magazine naming a "Blogger of the Year." (Don't make me dig into my background material here, because I can.)

What's more, Captain Ed of Captain's Quarters is still meticulously sourcing posts originating from e-mailers and commenters on his site, while Powerline is skating the line between plagarism and out-of-touch ignorance.

I'm just a reader and listener. But I'm increasingly pissed off about this. Hey John Hinderaker... shout out to you while you and Wonkette hang out in Geraldo's (or similar) Green Room... Since I truly love your blog, do you have a freakin' clue why this is even an issue to me?!

I don't give a crap if you notice my small blog. But continually snubbing Mitch, Ed, Chad, Brian, and all the rest of the Northern Alliance over and over is pissing me the heck off! How many of these folks knew you were going to call their efforts "Powerline Radio" while not attributing them?

Hey Powerline fat-heads... You're great. Acknowledged. But you're NOT alone!!! And I will NOT support your attempts to portray yourself as such (read: There IS NO "Powerline Radio" but there IS a "Northern Alliance Radio Network," and it would be nice to see you recognize this at some point.)

In brief: To the extent you snub your fellows, you're freakin' asses. And these things will not be forgotten.

Time Magazine blog of the year last year eh? How ya gonna do next year? And the one after that? Personally, I'll be asking Mitch, and Chad, and Brian, and Ed, and everyone else you take advantage of being "allied" with when it gives YOU focus, but seem to forget when the attention goes the opposite way.

You've long been on my "daily read" list. Yet now I'm watching to see how well you deserve it. One of my tests is how well you treat those who almost daily promote you. Your delayed "breaking news" that I get from other NARN folks a couple of days earlier doesn't say much for your relevance.

Ed, from Captain's Quarters, has no problem crediting sources from his e-mail or comments section. Would it KILL Powerline to do the same for their fellow bloggers?


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