Sunday, February 13, 2005

MOBsters, We Have a Trend

First, a word about the ladies. Apparently a local all-female group-blog is even now being created. Much fun banter about it over at Cathy in the Wright initially, and then it moved over to Brainstorming. I think it's a great idea, and think it will be a great success. And no, Ellen is not extorting those comments from me by threatening to release any of the dirt she has acquired on me in our nearly 13 years of marriage.

Apparently this all came about because Jo intended to close down the Attic yesterday (and that place is certainly under an interesting rennovation at the moment). Not wanting to see Jo quit gave Cathy an idea for a group blog where no one has to feel pressured to post every day.

I am proclaiming this the hot, new blogging trend of the MOB (that's Minnesota Organization of Blogs for those who haven't been keeping up). And how can I make such a proclamation? Because the MOB has no rules. Not even an official list of who's in and who's out. It's a really unusual thing we have developing here. As Mitch noted the other day, while responding to the recent blogging thing on KARE 11 news:

Attention, news media; I have a real story for you. Why not do something on the MOB? The Minnesota Organization of Bloggers, a group which is completely unique in the entire United States, mostly but not exclusively conservative (let's face it, most of the really good blogs in the Twin Cities do lean right, but tthere are excellent blogs in the center and on the left), a group that formed for purely social reasons but is starting to generate an interesting critical mass of writing, cross-pollination and ideas. OK, maybe it's more of an MPR thing (paging Christopher Lydon!).

Part of the cross-pollinating Mitch noticed seems to be leading many local blogs and bloggers (myself included) to either join a group blog in addition to their personal blog, or convert a formerly personal blog to a group blog (and I'm not just talking about Chad finally convincing someone other than himself or Brian to post something at Fraters Libertas).

Not sure exactly what this signifies, but it will be interesting to watch it develop.


Blogger TFB said...

Sadly whenever a news program or paper attempts to cover blogs it turns out like crap.
Evidence that they take YEARS to catch on to anything, if ever.

4:40 PM  
Blogger Sandy said...

Everyone get over to my site to vote on a name!

5:20 PM  

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