Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Minnesota AG Race and the Blogosphere

Remember that Jeff Johnson fellow? The one running for Minnesota Attorney General? I wrote about him yesterday, and at the time said I'd have more to say later.

Well First Ringer got his words out quicker. After some excellent analysis providing context for the AG election, First Ringer explains the significance of Johnson's campaign embracing the blogosphere:

The move is nothing short of brilliant (and not just because I also got the email from Johnson’s campaign). If played right, Minnesota’s blogosphere may be one of the few interest groups actually interested in the Attorney General’s race. And embracing the blogosphere also means Johnson can probably count upon it to unleash critical arguments against Mike Hatch’s reelection and more than a few bloggers looking for their 15 minutes of fame will begin digging through Hatch’s sordid past for any skeletons in the closet. Don’t get confused, courting the blogosphere doesn’t guarantee Johnson anything but it’s obvious Johnson isn’t reading from the same playbook that helped keep Republicans out of the AG’s office for the last 40 years.
You know the rest: Read the whole thing, Indeed, etc. etc.


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