Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Minnesota AG Candidate Embraces the Blogosphere

I received this e-mail earlier from Larry Colson. I have his permission to reproduce it in its entirety here:

Assistant Majority Leader Jeff Johnson will be announcing his candidacy
for the office of Minnesota Attorney General on Tuesday, February 15th.
The announcement will be held at 9am at the Capitol outside of the
Attorney General's Office, and we invite you to attend if you are able.

Jeff recognizes the key role that bloggers, and especially Minnesota
bloggers, have begun to play on the forefront of the new media
revolution. As 'journalists', in both the original and traditional meanings of
the word, Minnesota bloggers are increasingly becoming opinion leaders
and sources for original information. Jeff wants to acknowledge that
vital role in public policy discussion by including bloggers as part of
'the media' as he releases information.

Because of your involvement in the Minnesota blogging community, we'd
like to begin providing you information and opportunities that in the
past have only been available to more traditional media. This will
include standard press releases, event announcements, press passes and
opportunities to have interviews and interaction with Jeff. We also
understand that most, if not all bloggers have regular day jobs, and that some
bloggers may wish to only receive certain types of information. We
will do our best to cooperate with the special media needs of those who
publish in the blogosphere.

Jeff and his campaign team are committed to having an effective and
innovative campaign, and we hope that you will welcome this level of
interaction with Minnesota's next Attorney General, Jeff Johnson.

For more information, please contact:

Larry Colson
eCampaign Coordinator

I've met Larry, and he's a good guy. His enthusiasm for Jeff Johnson isn't phony. Nor is his interest in engaging the blogosphere.

I'll have more words about this later. But for the record, I think it's an interesting and positive development. And I think it will cause the veins to throb on the foreheads of old media types, like He-Who-Knows-Stuff.


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