Monday, February 21, 2005

Just Stuff

Busy, busy day. Thankfully I got the King Banaian interview transcribing and posting finished last night. So what did y'all think of it? I thought it was pretty good - and that's a compliment to King, not patting myself on the back. He provided all the content. I just provided the typing.

It's weird how many truly engaging and fascinating people I have met through this blog that I surely would not have met otherwise. These interviews really bring that out. It's one of the things that motivates me to do them. I learn more about some people I already find interesting, and in the process I provide some anecdotal refutation against the reactionary stereotypes about the people who compose the blogosphere.

My job is crazy this week, but in a positive way. Things are looking up. The whole industry is in a giant transition period at the moment. Chaos is the only sure bet. But it's nice to know it's not entirely storm-clouds and rough-seas anymore.

Look for some interesting developments at TBFKADVK later this week. And I'm not talking about a new name (though we are discussing that). First Ringer is losing his pajamas and doing some first-hand reporting.

Which brings to mind one of the things I think the blogosphere is only beginning to scratch the surface of - doing original reporting. In a certain sense, my interview is an example. But there are others I have noticed too. There seems to be an emerging consensus that blogs will always need the MSM around, because all they do is comment on MSM reported stuff. Get ready for a surprise. That will start changing just like punditry has.

I'm still looking for the Pioneer Press or Star Tribune to decide Rep. John Kline's endorsement of Mark Kennedy for Senate is worth mentioning. We reported that at TBFKADVK a couple of weeks ago. Gigantic news for a race that far away? Not according to them. But with the party's obvious attempt to unify behind a single candidate early and avoid a damaging primary contest, it's news to those of us who care about that.

The ability to pick which stories to give prominence is slipping from the MSM grasp, as Rathergate and Easongate showed. But there is no difference in kind between that and the ability to choose which stories to cover with reporting in the first place.

Is John Fund acting like a cad the stuff worthy of above the fold New York Times coverage? No. But it's a story with an audience. Some bloggers decided to cover it with original reporting, and it probably became more widely read than most non-front page news stories. There's a lesson there for those who care to look for it.

As I've said before, I'm more of a convergence than a replacement guy when it comes to thinking about blogs and the MSM. But I think many are selling the convergence short. The shakeup isn't well defined now. It's barely begun.

Enough rambling. Off to see what I've been missing all day.


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