Monday, February 28, 2005

Just a Ramble

Just a ramble tonight.

I feel awful. Not emotionally. I just have a cold. My mood is actually pretty good. I've had several ideas to write about today, but the suckiness of the body defeated the amiability of the mind every time. So go elsewhere for the important stuff tonight. Where this post goes is anyone's guess at this point, but "serious and topical" is not a likely outcome. You've been warned.

I truly do enjoy the television show American Idol, and this year looks like it will be a good one. Those who don't really watch the show think the attraction is in watching people ridiculed by the judges. Not true. The early auditions piece - which brought us William Hung last year - is really the least compelling part, and the ratings bear this out. What's interesting is to watch a bunch of truly talented people compete to see who can sing and perform the best. This year the talent pool is deep.

Tonight the "rocker" Bo Bice just about brought down the house in a defiantly non-pop performance at the end of the show. Totally unexpected he had that in him. Even the judges seemed stunned. But I still think Anwar Robinson has the inside track to win the whole thing.

Why is this relevant? It's not, as far as I can tell. But if this guy can take a month off to play with Legos, give me at least a night to ramble about mindless television programming.

Incidentally, I'd like to say that my favorite commentary about Idol is the blog Michele Catalano set up: Idol Tongues. Truly, I'd like to. But I can't.

The best site to follow the show remains Television Without Pity.

(insert transition music to shift the mood to something unrelated to the previous topic)

What the heck is it about my blogroll that attracts such attention? Ever since I posted that I'm playing with it and culling down the list, I've had people totally unexpectedly pleading not to be cut - even certain people who have far better blogs than mine (*cough* Varifrank *cough* Anchoress*).

Listen folks. I don't know who is spreading the word, but I'm not the heir to Instapundit's traffic when he dies. If you like reading this blog, great! Glad to have you around.

But being on my blogroll guarantees you not much more than me reading your blog. Which is nice, granted. I'm told I have lovely eyes, and the thought of them pausing to take in the text you wrote is no doubt appealing. But still. Blogads isn't bothering to track it.

But thanks all the same

(this time I'm controlling the transition music. And it's something super-funky! Think George Clinton, only better.)

Big themes of the day as far as I can tell... something going on in Lebanon. And the Democratic Leadership continues to marginalize themselves. Eh.

Yes these are important stories. But in both cases I rather feel I've been talking about this stuff for a while. You want an "I told you so," take a rain-check. Don't have the energy tonight.

And that is disappointingly all tonight. Hope to feel better soon so I can get back to pestering you on a more regular basis.


Blogger The Anchoress said...

I did NOT plead...

I just lay in a fetal position, whimpering quietly until I knew if I made the cut or not! :-)

And yes, your one eye is very nice.

10:06 PM  

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