Friday, February 25, 2005

Jeff Johnson Talks About His Faith

Douglas at Belief Seeking Understanding has an excellent post today involving an e-mail exchange he had with candidate for Minnesota Attorney General, Representative Jeff Johnson.

Douglas asked Johnson to "share something about how his faith affects his conduct in public life."

The responses were refreshingly candid. Here's an example:

I grew up in a Lutheran family, with parents of very strong faith, but also with the underlying philosophy that your religious beliefs are a mostly private matter that are to be shared in church, but not worn on your sleeve elsewhere. To this day, while my Christian faith guides every decision I make, I'm still probably not as comfortable proselytizing or boldly testifying as some Christians are (or as the Bible might encourage).
Here Johnson knows he's speaking to an evangelical audience. But rather than pander by adopting the language of an evangelical, he speaks about his actual religious formation and admits a possible weakness.

But there is more to the exchange than just this. In my opinion, Johnson comes across as both sincere and humble in his understanding of faith in his political life. Read the whole thing.


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