Friday, February 11, 2005

Hewitt-Beinart Debate – The Morning After

Wow, that was a fun night. Great blogger attendance. Most of those I mentioned somewhere in the live-blog. But I also got to finally meet Steve Gigl after the debate. Derek from Freedom Dogs was there too, but I only met up with him before the debate. Didn’t see him afterward. Perhaps he was afraid to catch whatever the heck Hugh and Mitch are suffering from.

The funniest moment of the night for me was when Molly, sitting next to me at table 3, referred to me as “the media.” And she wasn’t joking. First I thanked her. Than I changed it to a rather more rude response, because I realized she had just lumped me in with this guy. No thanks.

As for the debate itself? I’m calling it a draw. Why?

Well, I agreed with Hugh’s arguments on pretty much every question. But also truly came to admire Peter Beinart over the course of the evening. He showed willingness to engage in serious debate, intellectual honesty, and a willingness to stand up for principals he truly believes in even when unpopular (I’m thinking of the gay marriage question here). He seems to truly believe in the party of Truman and JFK. The best response he got from the audience all night is when he directly addressed former Democrats of that sort and hoped one day they would come back.

Fortunately for Republican politicos, Peter is not terribly representative of the heart of his party anymore. Sadly for America, Peter is not terribly representative of the heart of his party anymore.


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