Sunday, February 20, 2005

Foodie Holiday

Today, the Mama and I got a sitter to watch the kids in the afternoon, and headed out for some overdue couple-time. We're both foodies (for those unfamiliar with the term it's roughly equivalent of a sports-fan attitude brought to fine cuisine), so the outing consisted of a trip to a wine-bar for lunch, and Byerly's for a little browsing and shopping.

At the wine bar, we split a half-bottle of a very nice Marsanne from California's Santa Ynez Valley produced by Qupe. This feller.

This particular wine bar, Bobino, is famous for great upscale food. But to our surprise it had a much simpler "brunch" menu on Sunday afternoons. And it really hit the spot.

It was while dining there that we decided to go to Byerly's afterward. We needed a few hard-to-find things they carried, and hadn't done fun-food shopping together in some time.

A few of my prized finds:

Capers packed in sea salt. After rinsing, they're much less salty and truer to their natural flavor than those packed in brine.

Schizophrenic Chipotle
Smokey Red Sensation sauce.

A new Minnesota salsa I had never heard of before: Daniel's Fire Roast.

Tulocay's Artichoke Fennel Savory Sauce with Chardonnay.

Miso Soup with tofu and scallion.

Also two kinds of fresh olives, one a hard-to-find French variety, the other Greek and stuffed with sundried tomato. Also another jar of olives from the excellent Santa Barbara Olive Co.

We picked up a few other items as well, but this gives an idea that this was not a simple "gallon of milk, dozen eggs" kind of grocery trip.

Me happy. Transcribing yesterday's interview will be much more pleasant now.


Blogger King said...

The miso-tofu soup would be my choice for tonight. Cold's a little worse today for yesterday's trip. Mrs. S. made a nice lentil soup instead.

Byerly's: the only place I can grab Cafe du Monde Coffee and Chicory. Still the best coffee in a can. And we have a B's in STC.

8:06 PM  

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