Thursday, February 17, 2005

A Few Things

Just a few things to tidy up my cluttered thoughts. Then I probably ought to get over to TBFKADVK, or First Ringer is going to post yet another something that makes people realize what a better political commentator he is than me.

I will be making it to Keegan's tonight if anyone else is interested. Probably get there a bit before 8pm. But I can't stay terribly late tonight. Early morning tomorrow.

And without a lick of an attempt at transition, I got an interesting e-mail this morning from Joseph Braude. Who? You may ask.

The fella who wrote this.

The e-mail was plugging his piece, and asking me to read it. How unlike a mainstream columnist you might say? Well he's also a blogger.

He says he found my blog through Joe Gandelman's site, The Moderate Voice, which I have no reason to doubt. He says he's been following it ever since, which I'm afraid I do doubt quite a bit. But if I'm wrong, sorry Joseph.

Two points though, not related to one another but both related to the e-mail.

The first is that this is yet another sign of media convergence. A blog is just a new medium to exchange information. Far from fearing it, good writers will find ways to use it to their advantage. In this case, Joseph is trying to expand his audience, and in this case he did. Why?

Because the article itself is quite good. This guy knows his stuff, and the politics and culture involved here - it's about current Egyptian politics - are dizzyingly complex. And he approaches the topic in an unexpected and non-conventional way.

So if Joseph Braude was pinging me in hopes I'd recommend his article, he got his wish. I do recommend it. Go read.


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