Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Evening, or Perhaps Late Night, Babble


How was your day? Mine was decidedly mixed. The highs were high. The lows were low. And everything in the middle got squished.

We need Gary back in town for "The Site Formerly Known as Dayton v. Kennedy," because that name is reeeeeeally starting to grate on me. And Mitch freakin' Berg while on the radio recently stole my planned gag to announce we were renaming the site some unpronouncable symbol. He made some lame-o joke about something that it only kind-of made sense for. Yo' Mitch. We have an actual site with the name "Dayton" in it to rename. Would you leave the good stuff for us?!

I was going to do a renaming contest over there while Gary was out of town: "Name the site for a day." But then I got busy. And then I thought that I didn't trust myself with renaming another guy's blog. I KNOW I would pick the one I thought was the funniest. And I'm not sure that would fit when Gary is trying to keep the site serious and journalistic.

I did redo the subscript below the TBFKADVK banner. You see why I can't be trusted with the serious stuff?

On a totally different note: Why aren't more bloggers going after the Trooper Chief story? I got a few new e-mails alerting me today. They're very appreciated, and I made sure to link them in the roundup. But I really expected a bigger reaction in the local blogosphere by now.

Folks, I know Eason Jordan is endlessly fascinating and writing about him might get you on PBS. I've been on that story too.

But this one is local, so we don't have Instapundit, Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin, or Jim Geraghty to run with us this time. Even some of the larger local bloggers seem intent on focusing on issues that only interest a national audience and ignoring this story. That leaves just the rest of us to carry this. And what is left to do?

Get the word out. To your legislators. To your friends. To any MSTPA members you know. And to your blog's readers. Don't just write one post and let the matter drop. Please.

And in another abrupt shift without a transition...

Has anyone else discovered Eckernet.com? If not, do. Brand new MOB member. But his blog isn't new. Just went on a loooong vacation, near as I can tell (it's rude to ask about a prison sentence, so don't). Anyway, a really fun blog.

And through him I discovered this fellow who attempted to put together a blogroll of all MOB members. Don't get bent out of shape (like I did) upon hearing it. He's trying to help by showing a comprehensive snapshot of current members, not take charge of the list.

Which brings to mind a weird thing about the MOB. I don't WANT a list-keeper. I like it the way it is. Others can see who we are. They can see there's no huge benefit for joining. We don't even all link to everyone else's site. So come on in if you like us. Don't if you don't. And along the way we'll figure out what this means (observation indicates beer plays a prominent role here).

Let me close this ramble by randomly plugging someone. (Sip of the martini... roll of the dice.... )

Go check out Flown to the Roll. Because he's on my blogroll. Because I like his blog. And because I said so.


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