Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Evening Babble

Word to the blogosphere, k? No one else needs to tell me to read Mark Steyn's latest column. I read them all. He's very good.

May I recommend a fellow named Lileks as well? Would you like me to recommend him laboriously every Monday through Friday every week (if you're his agent or publisher don't answer that)?

So knock off the Steyn thing. A simple link announcing a new Steyn column is an elegant way to say you're hip to the crazy beat he lays down, without cluttering your writing with needless explanations about why we ought to read him.

We're not the French. Of course we read Mark Steyn. On to more serious matters.

No one in the loftier tiers of the blogosphere seemed all that enthused by my proposed compromise regarding the Eason Jordan Davos video. Haven't seen anything remotely as workable proposed in its place though. Philistines. I'm beginning to think the fight is preferrable to a workable resolution with many covering this.

Not that I necessarily mind that. But let's agree what we're about. Personally, I'd like to know what really happened. I'm not really into the "Rape and Pillage CNN" thing for its own sake. But if that's the idea, let's not be sly about it.

Another day of pretty much the same impasse I attempted to help resolve today. Thanks to Rick Edwards at Powerpundit for trying to spread my idea. Opposite of thanks to those of you (you know who you are) who chose to continue covering exclusively incidiary topics, even though you read my compromise. Obviously, I misread the interests of many others covering this. I can accept that. But I'm disappointed.

If you didn't know already, there is also a localized blogstorm brewing in Minnesota. I was hoping to make this post a clearinghouse for those interested. But in case you missed it, it's not too late. This thing is just getting started. Some of us local bloggers are taking this very, very personally.

Incidentally, I believe a good tonic for such feelings is to donate a few dollars to the unfairly maligned Taxpayers League. I've decided tonight to needle David Strom to get something like the Spirit of America, or Worldvision savy about blog-ready donation reception. The current Taxpayer's League website offers nothing of the kind.

By the way... note to Mitch, King, and Ed.... When you had David Strom on, wouldn't it have made sense to plug some site... ANY site where listeners could delve into the issue? Mitch and King both blogged about it today, but nary a mention of that in that segment. Nor anything directing listeners to the Taxpayers League site. I know, I know. Criticism is easy. But I'm not wrong here.

Incidentally Ed... where's a single post on this? Bad form for a local hero to ignore this. I'm not about to go Powerline on you for this. I'm just sayin'

And in the best news of the day, my own wonderful computer was returned from the Dell repair shop today. And after a tearful reunion, we wrote this blog. And now...

Hugh Hewitt will be LIVE-BLOGGED in his debate with Peter Beinart tomorrow night. I paid for the expensive seats, so my version is THE version to look to if you want to know what REALLY happens. Ignore the prols.

Live-blogging will commence sometime after 7pm. Not exactly sure when socializing ends and the debate is supposed to start. But I have a 2 hour battery, Hugh is sick, and we're scheduled to end at 9pm. So I should be good to cover the whole thing.

Check in tomorrow sometime around (but probably just a bit after) 7pm central time.


Blogger Muzzy said...

Congrats on getting your computer back, fixed. Also, I wrote a short blurb on the Trooper Union Boss on my blog yesterday evening, possibly not exactly what you would have wanted, but I don't contradict anything you said. Take care.

9:06 AM  

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