Friday, February 04, 2005

Eason Jordan Blogging Outsourced Today

Here at Fire Eason Jordan dot com... er.... I mean, Bogus Gold... we like to think we provide a valuable service by grabbing certain perfumed potentates of old media punditry by the lapels and giving them a good shake from time to time. Sadly, today will not likely be one of those times.

But in the interest of any readers I successfully worked into torch-wielding mob-like fervor over L'affair Eason Jordan, here are a few places to stoke the fire in your belly with fresh coals of indignation (or, if you prefer to stay with the torch-wielding mob analogy, consider these links fresh heads for your guillotine or something. (See, this is the problem with the mob analogy. Where is the mob? What country? What time period? What are they revolting against? [of course a good writer would consider that an opportunity for creativity rather than an excuse to complain - ed. [quiet you!]])).

Hugh Hewitt has an original interview he conducted with Rony Abovitz, the person who broke the story about Eason Jordan's comments at the World Economic Forum, today.

At Captain's Quarters, Captain Ed (whatever became of Ed's co-blogger Whiskey?) continues digging into Eason Jordan's past, finding another example of Jordan's creative interpretation of telling the truth in a speech from 1999.

Ed also notes that The Washington Times made it in today as the first mainstream media publication to run a story on this incident.

Thanks to several blogger fans of Day by Day, I discovered that today's cartoon also focused on Eason Jordan, and hillarity ensued (let's give this hat-tip to Muzzy, who posts the daily strip at the top of his page).


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