Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Diner is Back

To me, the big news came this morning. The Diner is back. Sort of.

It was one of my favorite radio shows, back in a period when I listened to a lot of them - mostly on am 1500 KSTP at the time (am 1280 the Patriot didn't exist yet). No kids yet. I worked days. The wife worked nights. I got my heavy political talk from Jason Lewis back then (who has sadly moved on to greener pastures). But as much as I enjoyed that stuff, I always looked forward to the time Jason wrapped up and politics essentially went to bed until morning. And in that respite came two wonderful, unpredictable, and totally unique radio shows. One of them is still around - The Mischke Broadcast. The other was The Diner (at the end of the dial).

I just listened to Lileks' new podcast version of the Diner tonight. The professional equipment is gone. The myriad supporting cast are gone. The callers are gone. But blissfully so are the commercials.

And you know what else? It kind of, sort of, works. It's not a clone of the old Diner, but you can certainly tell they're related. And not simply because you hear Lileks' voice.

The Diner was attitude... mood... it made you feel laid back whether that was your intention or not. But it also drew you into that state of mind with your curiosity and inquisitiveness piqued. If any of that makes sense to you, I'm amazed. But just listen a while, and maybe you'll agree.

Welcome back to The Diner!


Blogger Muzzy said...

Thanks for the tip on The Diner, Doug. I had missed that. I, too, used to live for the Mighty AM 1500. (I was a regular caller to Monday Night Sports Talk, back in the 80's...) I really miss The Diner, and I'm glad James is bringing it back, at least on the net. I'm going to download the show and put it on my Palm Tungsten E or my Virgin Pulse for later playback. Thanks again.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to listen to the Diner, too, and loved it. I did my Saturday chores then. But I can't make the sound come up on my system, so I sort of wish there was a transcript. I know it wouldn't be the same but.......


11:57 AM  

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