Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Daily Roundup

Feeling a bit more readey than writey this evening. So let me just share a few of the cool things I've found.

Flash at Centrisity gives a great example of what a classy guy Tony Snow is, and doesn't do a bad job showing a touch of class himself.

The MOB chicks have settled on a blog name: MAWB Squad. But Learned Foot thinks they missed out on a better suggestion, and has a poll on his site for you to register whether you agree or not.

Some nameless chick over at The Attic has some interesting words about (the very good) local talk radio host Bob Davis. Seems the guy tried to pick up the Trooper Jensen story, but couldn't get anyone to call in about it. Read. Discuss. And follow the nameless chick's advice.

Eloise at Spitbull has an interesting chart: BLOGSWARMING SCOREBOARD

Nihilist In Golf Pants
currently has me promoted to number eleven in his top eleven blogs. No bragging here though. I have a feeling he's setting me up to be smacked down. Would an endorsement for his expected run against Patty Wetterling in the 6th district make a difference?

A new blogger joins The Kool-Aid Report today. Welcome Dementee! Please don't suck. I like that blog.

Meanwhile, Ryan "Rambling" Rhodes is turning fisking He-Who-Knows-Stuff into a professional sport. It's not that it's hard. It's just when something is so easy, everyone can accomplish the basics. Think of Olympic Diving. It's not hard to fall into the water. It's hard to look good doing it. 8.5 today Ryan. You lost focus at the very end.

Over at Gigglepundit, Steve is unintentionally holding a "Guess my Wife's Name" contest. Be sure to head on over and join in.

In other news...

I'll be reorganizing my blogroll shortly. Right now it's kind of a big gangly blob. Soon it will be many short gangly blobs, perhaps with amusing titles.Perhaps not.

And I'll be heading out shortly to search for more Trooper Jensen posts to add to the list. No one e-mailed to alert me like I asked (*cough* Mitch *cough*), but I did notice a couple new items out there today.


Blogger drjonz said...

"Please don't suck. I like that Blog." lol has lost its meaning. I really did laugh out loud.

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