Monday, February 21, 2005

A Contrarian Post


Re: Prescription Drug coverage. Where the freakin' hooty-hoo is MY party?!! Free meds for seniors is not what I signed up for when I left the Wannabe Euro-Socialist Democrats!!!

Okay. I'm late. The War on Terror kind of supressed anything else for a while, and it's still my number one issue. Yet... What the f*ck?!What the f*cking, f*ck?!!

It's not like it ends there either. Illegal immigrant not-really-and-yet basically the-same-as amnesty is NOT a conservative principle.

Look. The moonbats are useless as an opposition because as soon as they see someone invoke God they've screamed "radical right wing" for the past 20 years. So that leaves the rest of us. And THIS ISN'T RIGHT!!!

There is more as well. And now that the elections are over IT IS TIME to make it clear what we as a party, and as a nation stand for. The last election proved we stood in support of the War on Terror, and God Bless America for that.

But there is more we need to mind. And now is the time to mind it.

Social Security reform is huge and crucial. And yet, I feel like Bush pissed away any benefit we might gain there with his prescription drug idiocy. And my party, labrador retreiver-like, followed along tongues a-wagging. Morons to a one.

Look. No matter what side of the aisle we sit on, we need politicians. They possess the skill of gaining enough votes to reach elective office despite the fact that no more than 30 percent of us can ever agree about anything at any one time. That's not nothing.

But it's not wisdom either.

I call on my party to let loose the restraints that made sense when the mission was electoral victory, and let loose the barking dogs of discord. They have a role. The role is to give voice to the will of the people. Now is the time.


Blogger The Notorious B.I.L. said...

You are all over it man! This subject (chicken elected Republicans) has been kicking around in my head as a post for a while, but has not come to fruition yet.

8:31 PM  

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