Monday, February 14, 2005

CNN... About that Letter

Most bloggers talking about L'Affair Jordan continue to talk about the man himself, his resignation, MSM reaction, etc. I'm afraid I'm stuck stuck on a tinier issue. But is it really tinier?

As a reminder, like many other bloggers who had written about it, as the Eason Jordan at Davos story was breaking, I received this e-mail from CNN:

Many blogs have taken Mr. Jordan's remarks out of context. Eason Jordan does not believe the U.S. military is trying to kill journalists. Mr. Jordan simply pointed out the facts: While the majority of journalists killed in Iraq have been slain at the hands of insurgents, the Pentagon has also noted that the U.S. military on occasion has killed people who turned out to be journalists. The Pentagon has apologized for those actions.

Mr. Jordan was responding to an assertion by Cong. Frank that all 63 journalist victims had been the result of "collateral damage."

The emphasis there is mine. And I think that phrase is important. I've written about this earlier. But I'd like to point out that Mr. Jordan leaving CNN doesn't quite resolve this issue.

We now know that Jordan did not simply point out the facts. There is no way that statement can be reconciled with the facts. I'd be willing to allow the released video of the conference to persuade me otherwise. Short of that, from the accounts of witnesses and the actions Jordan himself took, and witnessing those who called for the release versus those who don't, we have passed the point of reasonable doubt that Jordan confined his comments to "merely stating the facts."

A major media organization sent out disinformation in an attempt to bury a story. It sent it out in personal e-mail, while still refusing to report the story even existed on its considerable news distribution channels.

Is this not itself a significant story? It is. In the aftermath of Jordan going down, I'm afraid it's being missed.


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Heard you on Hugh today. Caught the last 30 seconds or so. I thought, who is this guy? Must be Simon or Geharty or something. Then I heard, "Thanks Doug at" or something and thought, "I knew him when..." :-)

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