Saturday, February 19, 2005

Banian Interview Banked

I did the interview with King Banian of SCSU Scholars today after the NARN show. A really charming and engaging guy. Could have talked to him for hours. But I didn't want to transcribe hours of conversation. So we ended the interview after about 45 minutes, and shot the breeze for a while longer.

I'll be working on transcribing later this evening, but truly don't think I'll get it done tonight. Earliest likely time for that is tomorrow, unless I get a real burst of energy.

Talked to him briefly afterward about how I would love to do lots of these kind of interviews with bloggers and turn it into a book. Kind of an oral history of this unique moment in time, where blogs are starting to "arrive" in media. He told me I should do it, because if I don't within a year someone else will. He may be right. Something to think about anyway.

Before that, I caught the third hour of the NARN remote broadcast today. Frater Brian, who was the steward of the wandering mic, even talked me into entering their trivia contest on the air. And I won a remarkable collector's edition (the polite way of saying old) Patriot coffee mug plugging Hugh Hewitt in the process. Who says watching re-runs of old television shows is a waste of time? Can't wait to see the e-Bay market for that baby.


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