Monday, February 07, 2005

Angry Blogging Reconsidered

Don’t blog angry… Don’t blog angry…

I need to post those words on my keyboard of something. Somewhere after 10pm my lighthearted ribbing at Powerline took an ugly turn.

Yet it certainly wasn’t manufactured for effect. It’s what we call “brutal honesty.”

When I posted my first little Powerline-tweaking post, I was feeling like a merry jester. And at that time I truly did find the subject funny and little else. After all, The Kool-Aid Report and Nihilist and Golf Pants have made great sport of Powerline in the past, and seem to remain lighthearted about it.

But then that little phrase “Powerline radio” started digging at me. Powerline radio... Powerline radio…

At the same time I was doing some serious noodling (random hat-tip to Noodles) about the development of the blogosphere. Where did it come from? Where is it now? Where is it going?

Hugh Hewitt makes a big deal out of the “tail” of the blogosphere in his recent book. And I think that’s a brilliant insight. Sure, if you get 200,000 visitors a day, you’re a blog that will get attention from advertisers and big-media types. But the tail blogs – which individually may see only a couple dozen visitors a day, if even that – compose the bulk of the blogosphere in terms of both writers and readers. And in those smaller blogs the connection is far more intimate. They’re generally personal friends and family of the bloggers themselves.

By dismissing the other guys’ contributions to the Northern Alliance Radio Network (with “Power-freakin’-line-freakin’-radio”), Powerline stomps on the “tail.”


Well I have a personal connection with certain other Northern Alliance blogs that’s a heck of a lot deeper than any connection I feel with the Powerline guys. So when I see something I would personally perceive as an insult offered from one to the other, I get a little peeved at the offender. Okay, maybe more than just a little.

In other news, at the same time I was venting my spleen about Powerline last night, Deacon had a great post regarding not-yet-maligned-enough University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill.

* Sigh *

But at least that’s Deacon, and not chief-offender Hindrocket, right?

Well about the same time Hindrocket posted an excellent piece debunking a central claim from Bill Moyers' recent nutjob column in the Star Tribune.

* Bigger Sigh*

Others have decided to stop reading Powerline. But I don’t really want to come to that. I just want them to shape the heck up and play nice with others. Is that too much to ask?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seem to remember some late night radio show called Powerline in the 70's. A Christian-based rock format that was syndicated, usually heard in the late evenings. I remember "you're on the Powerline" jingle pretty clearly,. So Powerline radio is not original.


9:16 AM  

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