Saturday, January 01, 2005

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Not being accustomed to wielding the power of punditry, I fear I have failed to live up to one of the associated responsibilities. Some time ago, I wrote a wine review about Royal Bitch, 2004 Reserve Chardonnay.

Unfortunately I treated the topic in a light-hearted manner, offering only positive tasting notes. It now becomes apparent that these should have been accompanied by a great big:

WARNING!!! This stuff goes down like fruit juice, and has the potential to leave you very, very sorry in the morning!!

Sadly, it appears this omission resulted in a New Year's Eve victim.

To Cathy last night, you're welcome. To Cathy this morning, whoops! My bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are forgiven.

I will, of course, try to settle the score at Keegan's on the 22nd. Be sure to eat a big meal before-hand.


3:26 PM  
Blogger TFB said...

Hey guys, are we gonna need designated drivers on the 22nd?
It sure sounds like it. What am I talking about? I'll probably be the first one down.

Hey, come to think of it NARN is having limos come to oick up all the bloggers right?

12:29 PM  

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