Saturday, January 29, 2005

Wine Cellars

As regular readers will recall, I like wine. I like wine a lot. I like wine too much sometimes, but that's an issue between me and my liver, and we don't need your input.

But I don't necessarily like wine to the extent that I have pulled the trigger to buy a temperature / humidity controlled cellar yet. And this pains me.

One of the most mind-blowing wine experiences I ever had was when my uncle served me a 14 year old bottle of Niebaum-Coppola Rubicon. This was one of my favorite wines already, but I'd never had one properly aged. The intensity of flavor was stunning. Everything I liked about the younger wine was amplified, and everything unpleasant was muted or absent.

That particular uncle lives on the Pacific coast, just south of San Francisco. His wine cellar is his garage which, thanks to the Pacific Ocean, maintains a consistent temperature and humidity year-round. Minnesota's climate isn't quite as accomodating.

And so, I'm stuck pondering rather expensive cellaring units which I want badly, but never seem to work up the nerve to buy. Anyone out there who knows of terrific deals in cellaring units is encouraged to let me know. I have some 2000 Bordeaux in mind that I would love to share with my son on his 21st birthday (2000 being the year of his birth). But the wine-rack next to the kitchen heating vent isn't terribly suitable to see it through.


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