Friday, January 28, 2005

When Scholarship Curdles

(Hat tip to Reasonable Prudence for the following.)

Heard about this fellow? Name is Ward Churchill. He's a professor at the University of Colorado. He's also a walking cesspool of moral degeneracy. The man deserves your respect the way gum on the bottom of your shoe deserves your respect - respect the fact that it's unpleasant, but also not very important.

Still... we should point out a couple of things. He wrote an essay, in which he contends:

...the hijackers who crashed airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sept. 11 were "combat teams," not terrorists.

It states: "The most that can honestly be said of those involved on Sept. 11 is that they finally responded in kind to some of what this country has dispensed to their people as a matter of course."

The essay maintains that the people killed inside the Pentagon were "military targets."

"As for those in the World Trade Center," the essay said, "well, really, let's get a grip here, shall we? True enough, they were civilians of a sort. But innocent? Gimme a break."

Obviously, this kind of thinking is the product of a culture of moral equivalence which has festered among the multi-cultural crowd on college campuses for a few decades now. In response to protests raised about this essay, a university where he is to speak released a statement:

A spokesman for Hamilton College released a statement noting that Hamilton is committed to "the free exchange of ideas. We expect that many of those who strongly disagree with Mr. Churchill's comments will attend his talk and make their views known."

A noble sentiment. But one can't help but wonder how many pro-Western, anti-terrorism scholars, like say Daniel Pipes, they will invite to lecture and/or employ on their faculty to counterbalance the extremist anti-American, pro-terrorist views of this kind of scholar. Or, as I suspect, are the students free to disagree, but without a smidgen of official support "scholarship" of Professor Churchill's flavor receives? I'm willing to give the college the benefit of the doubt. But if I was paying tuition there I would certainly look into that question.

And just for the record, here is a convenient list of all those civilians whose innocence the smug professor scoffs about. Quite a few people the professor seems to hold in contempt. Any doubt he'd just as happily dance on your grave should a "combat team" take you out?

UPDATE: Dang! Instapundit is not only on the case, he's moved to write some serious commentary as well as provide his killer links. Kudos Blogfather!


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